Step by step guide

Wingbits station setup

These guides will walk you through setting up your local system and onboarding to the Wingbits project. We realize some people prefer written steps, while others prefer video walk-throughs. You can choose from either below.

Hardware Setup

  1. Keep PI powered down

  2. Connect the antenna to your cable (if your antenna does not have cable permanently attached) by screwing cable connector onto antenna base.

  3. Connect other end of cable to USB receiver (dongle), by gently screwing the smaller connector onto it.

  4. Plug USB receiver into PI usb slot

  5. Proceed with either Video or Written Guides.

Video Guide

This guide will walk through all the steps from imaging your SD card with the OS, to

Written Guide

This guide is for those using a Raspberry Pi. It assumes you can SSH into your Pi already (OS has been installed/setup) and that you have the permissions to install software.

  1. Make sure you have all the Hardware needed and that it is all (PI, usb receiver, cable, and antenna) connected.

  2. Register for an Account:

    • Go to and create an account.

    • Check your email for a verification link and click on it to verify your account.

  3. Log In to Your Dashboard:

    • Once your account is verified, log in to your dashboard on

  4. Register Your Station:

    • In the dashboard, find the 'Stations' page, click on it, then click on 'Register Station' button on the right.

    • Use the auto-complete address field, enter the coordinates of your station, or select its location on the map (zoom in and be precise).

    • Note down the station ID generated during registration.

  5. Set Up Your Station:

    • SSH into your device.

    • Run this command:

      curl -sL | sudo bash
    • The script will prompt you to enter the latitude and longitude of the station, copy this directly from the Stations page, including the comma, and paste into the prompt.

    • The script will prompt you to enter the station ID. Copy this from the stations page. There is a copy icon next to the ID, so you can click that to copy into your clipboard.

    • After the script finishes, restart your device.

  6. Check Station Status:

    • Go back to the dashboard, under the Stations page, and check the status of your station in the table.

    • It should display 'Online' within a few minutes (hit F5 to refresh the browser to update Online/Offline status).

  7. Troubleshooting:

    • Make sure all the hardware is connected, including the antenna/cable being attached to the usb receiver.

    • If your station still doesn't show as 'Online', follow the troubleshooting steps provided in Debug your station to resolve the issue.

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