Wingbits Litepaper

Version: 2024-05-08

Our value

ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast) data is a type of aircraft tracking data that is transmitted by aircraft in real-time. It includes information such as the aircraft's position, velocity, altitude etc, and is broadcast to other aircraft and ground-based stations/receivers. This technology is becoming increasingly common in aviation, as it provides more accurate and up-to-date information about aircraft movements, enabling better air traffic management and improved safety.

The core value that we provide is the flight tracking data feeds for both live and historic flights. This is valuable for developers to easily access real-time aircraft data and integrate it into their applications. There are a variety of potential clients, including:

  • Aviation companies: Airlines, charter companies, and other aviation-related businesses could use ADS-B data to improve their operations and provide more accurate and up-to-date information to their customers.

  • Air traffic control organizations: National and regional air traffic control organizations could use ADS-B data to better manage traffic flow and improve safety in their airspace.

  • Emergency services: Police, fire, and other emergency services could use ADS-B data to quickly locate aircraft in distress and provide assistance in emergency situations.

  • Aviation enthusiasts: Aviation enthusiasts, such as plane spotters and hobbyists, could use ADS-B data to track aircraft and monitor flight patterns.

  • Researchers and academics: Researchers and academics studying air traffic patterns, weather, and other aviation-related topics could use ADS-B data to conduct research and gather insights.

Coverage - SkyHex

Our mission is to offer stable and affordable global coverage while still rewarding stations who provide the data. Anyone in the world can become a Wingbits participant and get rewarded for monitoring the skies.

To build a more efficient network, we created a reliable and cost-effective coverage model named SkyHex by using Uber's h3 hex system at resolution 3. This system divides the globe into unique hexagons, each with a distinct code. Our coverage is similarly segmented, with sky sections monitored by our data providers.

Asserting location

Once a station is added on the system it will be assigned a location hex (h3 hex at resolution 6) for a given time window. When the station starts transmitting within that window, the location hex will be claimed by that station. No other station can be installed in an occupied resolution 6 location hex.

These location hexes are not related to rewards and are only used to manage participation and limit saturation in the project.

Any location hexes may be enabled or disabled for new onboardings based on regular reviews of project data coverage and redundancy performance of that encompassing Skyhex, by Wingbits. The goal, of this location hex management within a Skyhex, is to prevent over-saturation of rewards while still providing the data quality necessary for customers.


The flight tracking industry relies on volunteers who run antennas at their own expense to collect data. However, this system may be seen as unfair. To address this, we have implemented a solution using blockchain technology to tokenize the data and reward the antennas in a transparent and equitable manner based on their contribution.

Rewards for our data providers are allocated using the SkyHex coverage model. In this model, each resolution 3 hexagon provides a fixed daily reward, distributed among providers based on the amount of data sent and their commitment to the network via uptime. This model also aligns rewards with each participant's capabilities, aiding in our mission to establish widespread and dependable global coverage.

Using this model, low air traffic areas are rewarded equally with high traffic areas to ensure data is comprehensive and not focused around air traffic hubs.


Each station's base rewards are calculated using the following formula:

(i=1nYour data points in Hex iTotal data points in Hex i)×Base Rewards×Uptime Level100+Bonuses\left(\sum_{i=1}^{n} \frac{\text{Your data points in Hex } i}{\text{Total data points in Hex } i}\right) \times \text{Base Rewards} \times \frac{\text{Uptime Level}}{100} + \text{Bonuses}
where n = the total number of hexes covered. \quad \text{where } n \text{ = the total number of hexes covered.}

Base Rewards

Each resolution 3 hexagon distributes 24 Wings tokens proportionally between all stations covering a hexagon.


  • Performance Bonus Rewards: Each resolution 3 hexagon represents a total daily amount of 2.4 bonus Wings. All hexagons on the map offer the same amount of rewards. The bonus rewards will be distributed proportionally to the top 5 stations for each res3 hexagon, based on each station's proportional contribution.

  • Early Participant Bonus: Each resolution 3 hexagon represents a total daily amount of 24 early participant reward Wings. All hexagons on the map offer the same amount of rewards. The early participant rewards tokens will decline 20% year over year until year 16 when they disappear, leaving only base and bonus rewards tokens for the remaining distribution time. The early participant rewards tokens will be allocated evenly between base and bonus rewards, making the total maximum daily hex rewards 28.8 Wings, per hex, during year one.

Early Participant Rewards

The EPR (Early Participant Rewards) will be split evenly between Base rewards and Performance bonus rewards. However, for the Performance Bonus Rewards, the EPR will be unlocked incrementally as more stations cover an area, up to 5.

  • Base rewards: During year one, the total token allocation per hex will be 2.4 base Wings plus 12 performance bonus Wings

  • Performance bonus rewards: During year one, the total performance bonus rewards will be 2.4 Wings, plus 12 EPR performance bonus reward Wings that unlock in 20% increments. So if you are a sole provider in an area during year 1, you can earn a maximum of:

    • 2.4 Base rewards Wings

    • 12 Base rewards EPR Wings

    • 2.4 Bonus performance rewards Wings

    • 20% of 12 EPR bonus performance Wings = 2.4 Wings

The remaining EPR Performance Bonus Rewards Wings will be unlocked in 20% increments for each additional station joining up to 5, then they cap out at 12 Wings

  • 20% (2.4 Wings) unlocked when first station joins

  • 40% (4.8 Wings) unlocked when second station joins

  • 60% (7.2 Wings) unlocked when third station joins

  • 80% (9.6 Wings) unlocked when fourth station joins

  • 100% (12 Wings) unlocked when fifth station joins

Uptime Level

Your uptime level is as important as your coverage. The level ranges from 0 to 100. As a brand-new participant, you start at 75. For each day your station is online, we add +1 to the level, and for each day you are offline, we subtract 1 from the level. Therefore, if you have great coverage but poor uptime, you will earn much less compared to someone who has less coverage but a high uptime level.

As the uptime level has not yet been implemented, all stations of current network participants are automatically at level 100.

Uptime level will be used in the reward formula as a percentage. (100 = 100%, 75 = 75%, and so on)


The Wings token is a utility token awarded to stations based on the amount of data they contribute to the network. It represents the network's daily value generation. Tokens are distributed proportionally to the coverage and data volume provided by each station . A total of 51% of the token supply is allocated for the community.


  • Miners: 45%

  • Ecosystem: 6% (community)

  • Capital Partners: 24.5%

  • Company & Team: 24.5%

  • Distribution Period: 40 years

Investor Vesting

Investors will vest their tokens over 1.5 years. There will be a 6 month lock-in at which point investors receive 10% of their share. The remaining 90% will vest over the next 12 months at a linear, monthly vesting schedule for a total of 1.5 year vesting.

Team Vesting

The team will vest their tokens over 2 years. There will be a 12 month lock-in at which point the team starts a linear vesting schedule. The team tokens will vest over the following 12 months at a linear, monthly vesting schedule for a total of 2 years vesting.

Distribution Schedule

Total supply: 10,000,000,000 tokens

The initial miners' rewards allocation, totaling 4,500,000,000, will be distributed over a span of 40 years. Instead of implementing a halving mechanism, we will employ a declining rate of bonuses on a yearly basis as detailed below.

Year 1-15

  • Start with 2.4 daily base hex rewards per hex

  • Start with 2.4 daily bonus hex rewards (paid to top 5 providers in hex)

  • Early participant bonus starting at 2.4 tokens daily, split evenly between Base and Performance rewards. Early participant tokens will be paid for the first 15 years starting at 2.4 tokens per hex per day in year one, declining 20% yearly until stopping at the end of year 15.

Year 16-40

  • Rewards stabilize at 4.8 total tokens per hex per day

    • 2.4 daily base rewards per hex

    • 2.4 daily bonus rewards per hex (paid to top 5 providers)

The Foundation will distribute tokens equally across all 41,162 cells, adhering to an H3 hexagon resolution of 3. Each hexagon will receive the same daily base rewards, with a maximum daily distribution per hexagon of 28.8 during the first year. This amount will then decrease yearly at the rate specified above before flattening out on the 16th year and onwards.

Daily Unclaimed tokens

  • For all bonus tokens that remain undistributed, we will allocate these rewards to a separate fund, which will be utilized for bounties, rewards, or additional community distributions.

  • Due to geographical constraints, approximately 40% of hexagons cannot be covered. The tokens allocated for these unclaimed areas will be added to a another fund designated for bonuses, area specific bounties, distribution time extensions, and other activities that can help encourage station deployment and network optimization. These tokens will still be part of the mining rewards pool.

Token Flow

Buyers can access the data from the Foundation with our native Wings token, USDC and in the future, also via bank wires. The funds flowing into the foundation will be used as follows:

  • Approximately 25% will be used to cover operational costs

  • 50% will be sent to a liquidity pool. LP tokens will be held by the treasury.

  • 25% will be used to buy back and burn tokens.

Additional Details

  • All participants from the alpha and beta stages will receive retroactive rewards based on their historic data contributions, once the project transitions to mainnet. These rewards may be paid out at regular intervals over a period of time, if Wingbits decides this is necessary for the project health.

  • Participants can install multiple stations (each correctly located in their own resolution 6 hex), for better coverage.

  • Validation of station coordinates (lat/lon) will be carried out regularly and incorrectly asserted coordinates for stations will be considered an attempt to bypass the rules.

  • Each SkyHex corresponds to a designated h3 hexagon at resolution 3 on the map, with a theoretical maximum of 41,162 rewardable SkyHexes.

  • Each claimable location hex corresponds to an h3 hexagon at resolution 6, with a theoretical max of 14,117,882 locations/antennas. About 70% of these hexes are water locked and most will not be generally available/usable.

  • Wingbits reserves the right to limit or alter the limit for the number of allowed stations for each individual SkyHex, based on regular reviews of project data coverage and redundancy performance.

  • If a participant's station is unable to provide data for over 100 days, Wingbits reserves the right to reclaim the resolution 6 location hex and make it available to other participants.

  • Stations experiencing delays over 1 minute in data transmission will incur a penalty. This penalty manifests as a 25% reduction in rewards for each minute of delay, calculated relative to the performance of other hex owners in the same area.

  • Breaking or attempting to bypass any project rules, or in general cause harm to the project, will result in an immediate ban, loss of hexes, and loss of future rewards.

Important: Keep in mind that all the information provided above is currently in the development stage and subject to changes based on testing and feedback from the community.

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