Hardware needed

To capture ADS-B signals, the following hardware components are necessary to assemble a Wingbits station:

  1. Computing Device:

    • Raspberry Pi (3B or newer, including Zero 2 W)

    • Le Potato

    • Orange Pi

    • Most Helium hotspots (if they are based on a Raspberry Pi)

  2. ADS-B USB Receiver:

    • FlightAware

    • RadarBox

    • ADS-B Exchange

    • Other SDR (Software-Defined Radio) dongles

  3. Antenna and Connectivity:

    • 1090MHz Antenna

    • Cable to connect the antenna to the receiver (N-Type Male -> SMA Male)

  4. Optional Components:

    • Filter (reduces signal noise for clearer reception, if receiver doesn't include onboard)

Make sure each component is compatible with your setup to ensure efficient signal capturing.

Some specific hardware suggestions with external purchase links can be found on the Hardware suggestions page.

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