Our Plan

Our Plan: Building a Global Flight Tracking Ecosystem

Wingbits is embarking on an ambitious journey to transform the way the world tracks flights. Our goal is to create a decentralized, efficient, and comprehensive flight tracking system that benefits everyone – from the aviation industry to individual enthusiasts.

Here's how we plan to achieve this:

Initial Network Establishment:

Similar to how projects like Helium successfully deployed IoT infrastructure on a grand scale, Wingbits aims to rapidly expand its network of ADS-B receivers. This initial push is crucial to overcome the inertia of starting a new platform and establishing a presence in the global aviation data market.

Incentivizing Participation:

Recognizing the importance of our community, we have introduced a token-based reward system to incentivize data providers. This approach mirrors successful strategies used by companies like Uber and Lyft but goes further by offering long-term, intrinsic value rather than short-term financial incentives. Our tokenomics is designed to provide sustainable growth for both Wingbits and its contributors.

Enhancing User Engagement and Technology:

Our development focuses on leveraging web3 technologies to enhance user engagement and network performance. By building on Solana's blockchain infrastructure and launching reward distributions, this will pave the way for a more connected and efficient network.

Expanding Reach and Capabilities:

As we progress, we will continue to refine our systems, increase our global footprint, and introduce more features. This includes expanding the number of receivers, improving data quality, and developing tools that allow for broader use cases and applications of our data.

Community-Driven Evolution:

Throughout this journey, we remain committed to our community. Feedback, participation, and collaboration with our users are vital. We believe in growing together, ensuring that as Wingbits evolves, it does so with the needs and aspirations of its community at its core.

Monetizing data for long-term project sustainability:

  • Phase 1: When we reach certain validated coverage milestones, we can start monetizing the data, which will in turn feed profits back into the community over the long-term which will allow us to build a network that can benefit participants over the long-term. We worked extensively to validate the model in the first few months which has led to successfully raising capital from non-crypto VC's as we have proved that this is a validated, real-world business application with high revenue potential.

  • Phase 2: Utilize the data to build various products and solutions for the aviation industry. On this side we have also validated several use cases where we have received commitments and LOI's from Airport Operations, Air Logistics and Crew Planning Companies and Travel Data Analytics providers.

In conclusion:

By following this plan, Wingbits is not just building a flight tracking network; we are shaping the future of aviation data collection and utilization, making it more accessible, equitable, and useful for all.

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