How rewards work

This section will explain how the reward system works, but to summarize, the more coverage, and the better uptime you have, the more rewards you'll earn


The broader your station's coverage, the more resolution 3 (rewards) hexagons/areas you will reach, and thus, the more rewards you can earn. If your station covers 7 hexagons, you will earn rewards from all 7 hexagons based on the amount of data you provide from those areas, compared to other stations covering the same areas. If you are the only station covering an area, you will, by default, earn 100% of the rewards.

Please refer to the Wingbits Litepaper for the latest and most complete official information, although the following should summarize those details as well.

Rewards Formula

This formula is applied to each resolution 3 hex each day, for each station. If your station contributed data for 6 different hexes, this formula will be run for each to calculate your total rewards for the day.

(i=1nYour data points in Hex iTotal data points in Hex i)×Base Rewards×Uptime Level100+Bonuses\left(\sum_{i=1}^{n} \frac{\text{Your data points in Hex } i}{\text{Total data points in Hex } i}\right) \times \text{Base Rewards} \times \frac{\text{Uptime Level}}{100} + \text{Bonuses}
where n = the total number of hexes covered. \quad \text{where } n \text{ = the total number of hexes covered.}

Base Rewards

Each resolution 3 hexagon distributes 2.4 Wings tokens proportionally between all stations covering a hexagon.


  • Performance Bonus Rewards: Each resolution 3 hexagon contains a total daily amount of 2.4 bonus Wings. All hexagons on the map offer the same amount of rewards. The bonus rewards will be distributed proportionally to the top 5 stations for each res3 hexagon.

  • Early Participant Rewards(EPR): Each resolution 3 hexagon contains a total daily amount of 24 early participant reward Wings. All hexagons on the map offer the same amount of rewards. The early participant rewards tokens will decline 20% year over year until year 16 when they disappear, leaving base and bonus rewards token for the remaining distribution time. The early participant reward tokens will be allocated evenly between base and bonus rewards, making the total maximum daily hex rewards 28.8 Wings, per hex, per day during year one.

Early Participant Rewards

The EPR will be split evenly between Base and Performance bonus rewards. However, for the Performance Bonus Rewards, the ERP will be unlocked incrementally as more stations cover an area.

  • Base rewards: During year one, the total token allocation per hex will be 2.4 base Wings plus 12 performance bonus Wings

  • Performance Bonus Rewards: During year one, the total performance bonus rewards will be 2.4 $wings, plus 12 EPR Bonus performance reward Wings that unlock in 20% increments. So if you are a sole station in an area during year 1, you can earn a maximum of 19.2 Wings per hexagon per day:

    • 2.4 Base rewards Wings

    • 12 Base rewards EPR Wings

    • 2.4 Bonus performance rewards Wings

    • 20% of 12 EPR bonus performance Wings = 2.4 $Wings

The remaining EPR Performance Bonus Rewards Wings will be unlocked in 20% increments for each additional station joining up to 5, then they cap out at 12 $Wings

  • 20% (2.4 Wings) unlocked when first station joins

  • 40% (4.8 Wings) unlocked when second station joins

  • 60% (7.2 Wings) unlocked when third station joins

  • 80% (9.6 Wings) unlocked when fourth station joins

  • 100% (12 Wings) unlocked when fifth station joins

Rewards Uptime & Coverage

The rewards model incentivizes both performance (coverage) and reliability (uptime) from the stations. If a station has an Uptime Level of 0 (i.e is not providing data for a long time) the station will lose the claim of the hex, and it becomes available for someone else to claim it.

Each station has an Uptime Level that represents the reliability of that station. For each day that the station is online, it receives one point. For each day that the station is offline, it loses a point. When a new station is added to the network, it starts with an Uptime Level of 75.

Each station's reliability is represented by an Uptime Level, which affects the calculation of rewards. The system rewards data providers daily, based on their uptime and the amount of data contributed. Additionally, bonuses are awarded for valuable contributions, such as top stations in each hex, airport data, and coverage of previously uncovered areas.

Uptime level will be used in the reward formula as a percentage. (100 = 100%, 75 = 75%, and so on)

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