Step by step to enable devnet on your Solflare Wallet app

Step 1: Download & Open Solflare Wallet. When you set it up, dont forget to save your recovery phrase in a secure location.

Step 2: The first screen when you have opened the Phantom wallet should look something like this. Go ahead and click the settings button in the bottom right corner to open the settings tab. See step 3.

Step 3: Now you should see the settings tab opened like the picture below. Click General and then see step 4.

Step 4: After clicking General, you should see this screen seen below. Go ahead and click Network. After you have done that, see step 5.

Step 5: After clicking network, you will see this screen. Click and enable Devnet, then see step 6

Step 6: When you click to enable Devnet, you will automatically be taken back to the home screen. Now the setups is complete. Just make sure you add the public address to your antenna/station page. For that, see the how to guide.

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